Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Airport Delay Blues

We went to (are still in) Florida on vacation with Des's parents. We spent three days at Vero Beach, and three hours and counting at Orlando airport. Unfortunately, our plane is delayed from a 12:45 departure to 3:40 (Edit: Good news, the flight was moved up to 3:30!).

Other than Steve being annoying during the entire stay, we had a great time. Des developed a new appreciation for swimming in the ocean, as long as Steve carried her on his back over the area where all of the broken shells gather. We also went kayaking in a tandem boat in the Indian River Lagoon, where we saw a dolphin, s possible manatee, and flying fish (that liked Des's mom).

Besides writing out an itinerary of our trip, which would be boring, there's not too much more to say, so here's a list of things (besides being stuck in an airport for hours) which annoy us:

1. Most kids and parents in pubic.

2. Drivers who don't use their turn signals (sure, there may not be anyone behind you, but there is some other driver out there who could make their turn or go straight based on your direction).

3. Drivers who make a production out of turning or turn into the wrong lane (I swear there is a law that when you make a turn, you have to turn into the lane closest to you. No one follows this).

4. People who congregate at really inconvenient spots, like the bottom of an escalator or right inside a doorway.

5. People who drink white zinfindel.

6. When people take the stall right next to your's in a public restroom when there are plenty of other stalls empty and not next to anyone (also goes for seats at movie theaters).

7. Engine revving.

8. Sales clerks who ask what you're looking for in a store that only sells one thing (I'm talking to you, leather-face from Sunglass Hut).

9. Loud-talkers on planes. The person you're talking to is in the seat right next to you. There's no reason I should know about your aunt's medical history when I'm sitting four rows behind you. Plus, you laugh like a chimpanzee.

10. When people say "Bow-chicka-wow-wow" or whatever the hell that stupid crap is.

11. Soup slurppers and whistlers (oh wait, that's Steve).

12. Foot shufflers. What do you think your legs are for?

13. Internet ad companies that kick you off for no reason so you don't feel like blogging anymore.

There's more, but we're bored now. Feel free to add your own pet peeves in the comment section (The first genius to write "People who create lists" or "People who talk about what annoys them" will be #14 on our list).