Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Is finally booked! No thanks to the travel agent. If you are considering using one for anything, DON'T! Anyway, Argentina! We'll get to Buenos Aires for one night and stay at the Broadway All-Suites in the center of town. Then we'll fly to San Rafael, a small city in the Mendoza wine region for 3 nights and stay at a winery/estate there called the Algodon Wine Estates - we'll have a winery tour on horseback, an in-room massage, a spa day, a golf lesson, a wine tasting, etc. Then, back to BA, where we'll stay in Palermo Soho at the Glu Hotel

We just watched the Chilean episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations last night - first, its making me sad that we didn't decide to go to Patagonia, also in Argentina. But second, I can't find his Argentine episode. I know its out there - I saw a short clip. So since I can't get any recommendations from Bourdain, does anyone else have any? Restaurants, sites, food or drink, etc? Tips on bringing wine back?