Sunday, March 9, 2008

Food Rocks!

Last night Steve and I went to Yeats for karaoke with my sister, Mallory. Someone sang Bohemian Rapsody, and it reminded Mal and me of our favorite Disney attraction:Food Rocks!

Mal and I have been going to Disney World with our parents every year since I was in middle school or something like that. My favorite park was/is EPCOT, I always made sure to see my two favorite attractions multiple times. First, there is Space Station Cool (or something like that), where you can taste sodas from around the world. Italy's soda was gross, but Japan's Vegitabeta was great!

The second and best attraction was Food Rocks. It was a musical benefit show about nutrition featuring Pita Gabriel, the Peach Boys, the Refrigerator Police, and others, who changed lyrics to famous songs to talk about nutrition ("I wanna be your...high fiber" - Pita Gabriel). Anyway, they closed down the show about 3 years ago and replaced it with a new ride - Soarin' or something like that. Soarin' is a pretty cool hang-gliding simulation, but I couldn't believe they took away Food Rocks! So it had been about 3 years since I had heard Food Rocks until last night when we heard Bohemian Rapsody at karaoke. At the end of the Food Rocks concert, the U-Tensils and all the other acts sing along to Bohemian Rapsody. So we came home and found Food Rocks on YouTube. Enjoy (and make sure to watch both parts)!


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Anonymous said...

Did watching 'Food Rocks' make you want a baked potato at the food court in The Land?
I hope Steve appreciated the artistic value of the Food Rocks show.