Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day

Some of blog followers might have seen this picture last year on Los's site, but it's very appropriate for today. I took this picture in DC about two years ago, and it is not a faux-to.

Here's a more recent picture from last Saturday:

The big guy almost stepped on Des and I as he used the seat backs as a staircase. Never noticed how big the Phanatic's shoes were until then.


Los said...

I was offered tickets to last night's game ... however, the Flyers were playing ...

I love the Phanatic, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Tax bill-$2000
Postage to mail tax payment-$00.41
Bar bill to drown sorrows over tax bill $48
Picture of homeless guy in front of IRS building-PRICELESS
Where is my money going anyway??

Great photo!

Mallory said...

i always liked Bruno the best...he doesnt hiss at me when i hold him like Char does...and if he does he's an equal opportunity hisser...Char checks to see if it's me holding her,then hisses at me...i'll have to bring Bruno a treat next time for saving her life (even if she is mean to me)