Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Michael Skarn shoots first and asks questions later

The Quickfire Challenge featured lots of yummy looking desserts, like a pineapple and rum souffle, fresh young coconut, and something called a walla seed from Australia. Richard became immune and immortal, with his recipe for scallop bananas with guacamole ending up in the Top Chef cook book. You may recall that I called him for my pick for winner starting on day 1. Maybe that's not a big accomplishment, considering some of the competition.
Take Lisa, for example. Her grease collection with a few strands of hair in it is beginning to burn into my retinas in a way that does not flatter. But if she was in any way attractive, she would make up for it completely with her flat tire personality.
When the chefs went to the improv house, we were waiting for an appearance of Michael Skarn. It's always funny how surprised the chefs are when their 'leisure' activities turn out to actually be precursors to the elimination challenge.
The self-selection process allowed the hip hoppers, Spike and Andrew, to work together. They were forced to improvise while fulfilling Spike's missed opportunity to make a squash soup, due to the electrical equipment disappearing. Mark and Nikki formed the 70's shades team, which I must admit, I have an awesome pair of as well.
Judge Tom dropped the bomb by sending them packing from the kitchen to the chef's house in the middle of prep. OK, we get it, improv is the theme.
Anyway, Richard and Dale won with their purple perplexed tofu, which came as a surprise to no one.
I was routing for Lisa to get kicked off, if you couldn't have already guessed that. But instead, Jenn, who was doing it for Zoi, joined her. I guess the lesbian angle didn't inspire Bravo to keep her anymore now that her girlfriend was gone.
There was a neverending stream of innuendo during this episode, that I'm sure David Dust will quote ad nauseum.
Anyway, I have to say that this blogging thing has gotten a little cumbersome ever since the Nazis at Adsense kicked us off. I wonder how long we'll keep this up...I'm sure that the world would lament losing a great contribution to humanity if we gave this up.


Los said...

You have to at least keep on blogging through the finals of Top Chef!

I'm gonna miss Jenn and her hair style ... at least I still have Richard's hairstyle.

schue said...

Nikki must go - she keeps getting through to the next challenge for some reason.
Atleast Jennifer was sent packing, so now i won't confuse her with Richard.

Jess Sum said...

I don't know, I was always able to distiguish Richard from Jennifer by the vocal depth.

I hate how you knew Nikki was sticking around because Bravo focused zero attention on her the whole time. Well, at least we were spared her nasally-stereotypically-accented whining.

I enjoy that Richard hasn't gotten catty and has some personality, unlike I-have-a-salt-cod-for-a-soul Marcell, or Siracha-freebaser Hung. Joe's officially my roomie for the next 5 days, so maybe I can get him to comment on tonight's episode.