Thursday, June 5, 2008

Letter to Tom at Top Chef

Dear Tom Colicchio,

Thanks a lot.

I was considering buying one of your cookbooks. But you obviously like your food greasy, so I'm not so sure that your recipes would be any good.

S & D


Despite our disdain toward Tom and the rest of the judges, at least they realize that Lisa sucks. From Tom's blog: "I think Lisa, along with a few chefs from past seasons (Dave Martin and Mike Midgley are two that come to mind,) benefited from a phenomenon I call the "lucky-dog-who-keeps-skating-by-effect," in which a chef of decent, but not stellar, skills gets lucky and doesn’t screw up at precisely the moment that one of their more gifted opponents does."


Los said...

I think they are deliberately keeping Lisa on at this point - they need a "villain" character to cause trouble. I think they told her to make that nasty comment at the end of this past episode ... hey, people tune in for this kind of stuff.

schue said...

She should not be there! I really liked Antonia.