Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I got my birthday wish!

Rewatching the end of last week's Top Chef, I'm again impressed with the class and dignity that Manuel departed with. A lot of time those humble speeches sound fake and full of rhetoric, but his show of humility and accountability was admirable.

This week's quickfire challenge examined once again the concept of the The Pepsi Challenge. Even trained palettes cannot always identify the best ingredients from a mere taste, since the quality of many products are based on reasonable consumption, not small doses.

Zoi got rightfully sent home, fulfilling my birthday wish...and yet she and Jenn never faced the truth that she was only on the show because of the television value of featuring a lesbian couple. I agree that it is a nice twist, but I'm sure there are plenty of better ones out there in the talent pool.

The post-elimination outburst may have been the classic moment of Top Chef. Here's the play-by-play: Spike tore into immune Antonia because she talked their team out of making a soup, leading to their loss. Jenn then tore into Spike because her lover Zoi got the axe, as if it wasn't well deserved and long overdue. Dale threw in his two cents on Spike's behalf, Lisa yapped like a little dog, and Dale lit her up. Can't wait to watch it again next week!

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Now, onto more important things...the kittens got me a blue polo shirt for my birthday. Des got two little cakes for us, and she got me with the old trick candle! First time for that, and it was kind of cool. We split an Avery Pale Ale and a Dock Street Amber we've been saving from Total Wine in Delaware. Both were excellent. I'm a lucky guy! Thanks to everybody, friends and family, who sent birthday wishes!



Los said...

Happy B-day, Steve! If I would've known that yesterday, I would've asked you to share your "book," as well.

Great arguements at the end! Dale yelling with the crotch grab was something Joey Merlino would've been proud of.

schue said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Top Chef - lots of dramz at the end, everyone was fighting! Even Dale (Hung II)on the winning team.

Jess Sum said...

Ugh, I knew from the beginning that Nikki was not going to be cut because they barely focused on her. But I'm happy with Zoi being cut (sorry, LGBT community).

On a side note, Jose Garces of Tinto and Amada was just nominated for the James Beard award (Oscars of culinary world) for best chef, and Jim Burke of James was nominated by Food & Wine for best new chef. Joe and I hit up Tinto on Friday. Yummy!! James is right by his house, which means he doesn't feel like we're "going out" if we go...but I think I've finally convinced him.

Enjoy the Foy! Happy Berfday!

David Dust said...

I'm so glad you mentioned the Pepsi Challenge, as did I. Happy birthday.

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