Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Steve
Happy Birthday to Steve
Happy Birthday dear Ste-phen
Happy Birthday to Steve

Tomorrow is Steve's birthday - April 9. He'll be turning 29, so everyone tell him Happy Birthday and console him for no longer even being able to pretend that he is in his mid-20s.

Unfortunately, he has school tomorrow and won't be home until almost 10. But at least he has Top Chef to look forward to! And on Friday I will be taking him out to Bridget Foy's for a birthday dinner.

On a different subject, I lost a shoe today! I had two interviews for a co-op this summer and I also had school. So I wore a pair of comfortable flats to walk around in and carried my heels so my feet wouldn't hurt and the heels wouldn't rub off from walking on pavement. At the end of the day, I was walking from school to the train station and had my heels sticking out of my open briefcase-type bag. When I got on the train, I only had one! So if anyone happens to see a size 7 black heeled shoe somewhere on Market St or in 30th St Station, please let me know!



Steve Raw said...

Thanks baby! Sorry about the shoe:(

John said...

Happy bday. And I mean bday.

Phil and Penny said...

Happy Birthday Steve!
Hope you have a good day. We will get together to celebrate soon.
Maybe some homeless guy found the shoe and is putting it to good use-so Desiree can feel like she contributed to society!

Jess Sum said...

I'm sorry, Mr and Mrs Mest, but it's most likely that homeless man is trying to freebase that shoe. :-)