Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oompa Loompa

Pre-show text message that pretty much sums up my sentiments of this season:
Jess: Here's to Nikki getting voted off tonight!
Des: And to Lisa washing her hair!

The bad news is that a nice guy left, and neither of those two did...nor did my least favorite, drama queen Zoi. It's going to be so much fun to watch the whining when the couple gets broken up.

The good news:

We finally got a chance to see some actual culinary technique, after a few weeks of mac n' cheese and corn-dogs. During the quickfire, the chefs had to use 3 classical culinary techniques on vegetables...have the producers been listening to us about too much lowbrow cooking? Dale's nifty knife techniques got him immunity for the round. (By the way, i gotta get one of those cool scallion crowners!)

Lots of love was thrown around for my boy Richard...looks like I'm not the only one who thinks he's the guy to beat.

The movie themed dishes from the elimination challenge looked good overall. I think a few of the movie references were stretching it a bit, but the interesting techniques from Andrew's winning team were worth the price of admission. I was surprised not to see Mark in the finalists for that round, I thought his team did a nice job of combining Asian cuisine and Christmas flavors to get to A Christmas Story.

I'm feeling pretty good about my prediction. Richard all the way.


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Los said...

I thought for sure one of the two hip-hop guys (Spike or Andrew) would be booted off. At times, I can't tell the two apart ... with the exception of the ridiculous hat wardrobe one of the two (Spike?) has.

Ya gotta get rid of the nice guys - it makes the show more interesting ... that's why I wish Eric, the heavy metal chef, was still around.

schue said...

I bummed, I liked Manuel. I'm not imressed with the girls this season. My final 3 prediction is: Dale, Mark and Richard. I agree, I was happy to see there was no mac&cheese and hot dogs in this ep.The quickfire challenge was good too. I wish i had mad "knife skills"
I keep getting Richard and Jennifer confused - they look alike.

Jess Sum said...

You know what's sad? The one curly-haired brunette has won several elimination challenges, and NONE of us have mentioned her...nor can I remember her name. Hold on, let me look it up. Stephanie! Ok, she is one talented chef. Why don't we remember her? She's totally humble. Is this the downfall for women in the culinary industry? (That and mostly straight women and gay men watch Bravo, sorry Wilfong brothers.) Where are the female chef judges? Padma's only on here b/c she a POA. Bah, I'm disappointed.

Oh, and what is the point of "faux caviar"? I mean, does it taste like anything?

Steve and Des said...

Look, the only thing I watch on Bravo is Top Chef. You got your boyfriend to watch Project that's gay. (Not that there's anything wrong with it.)

Stephanie @ Figments said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to see Ardmore representin'! (Sorry, that was so cheesy.) Anyway, happy birthday! And if you guys have any restaurant recommendations for the area, let us know. We're desperate to find something, anything good. Plus, the lack of good delivery options is killing me!