Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Restaurant Wars

We missed last week's episode of Top Chef, so here is my reaction: I CANNOT BELIEVE ANDREW WAS SENT HOME! He was my favorite from the beginning - well, him and Mark. And now they're both gone!

Onto this week.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT DALE WENT HOME INSTEAD OF LISA! I REALLY REALLY REALLY THOUGHT LISA WAS GOING HOME.. She just sucks. Her sticky rice and laksa probably sucked so much because grease from her hair dripped into it. Ew. Dale wasn't my favorite person, but I thought his food seemed really good, he was a great chef, and I don't buy this sending people home because of leadership skills. Maybe that can be a factor when looking at two very comparable chefs who performed similarly. But when someone's food is sooo bad, you cannot send someone home because of leadership skills in a COOKING SHOW!

It was nice for Bourdain to be on. Maybe they're auditioning him to take over as judge for someone. I really like his show, No Reservations, but I don't get the chance to watch it too much.

The commercials. First, if you were an actor/ress, even if you couldn't find any other work, would you really be on an Arbor Mist commercial? Second, I am really sick of hearing about the Grand Pumbaa of Pasta. Enough. Glad - you get enough air time just on the show, can't you nix Erica?

It kind of seemed like Restaurant Wars was a bigger deal in other seasons than this one. Warehouse Kitchen seemed to have no difficulties or even criticisms from the judges, which is amazing. But I would really enjoy eating there - everything looked good! I may have to check out the recipes on And Stephanie got an amazing prize. A few episodes ago, Richard gave his pretty amazing prize to Stephanie (for no reason - it turns out that even though he admired her cake-baking skills, the judges thought the other team's cake tasted better). I think it would be only considerate for her to take him on her prize trip to Spain.

Til next week (unless I can muster something up to blog about before then),



schue said...

Seriously, Lisa stays?!?!! WTF? She screwed everything up! Can she ever get her rice right? I didn't like Dale either, but he's a better chef.

I love Anthony Bourdain, he's such a prick - hilarious.

Jess Sum said...

This is a bigger BS decision than last week. I mean, WHY? Everyone HATES Lisa, but I'm willing many of us "hate to love" Dale. If she were a beotch and could still cook, FINE. But she ad her food disgust me. Dale is an innovative, talented, demanding chef. Oh sure, all chefs are just cooly balanced yoga practitioners (*cough* Gordon Ramsey, Anthony Bourdain). Right.

If I hear Lisa whine about "sabotage" or rice again, I may have to bust out that little c--- word women are never supposed to use. I may even get t-shirts made.

Los said...

I hate Lisa ... HATE HER! That's why she is still on the show, because they need a villain, and let's face it, Spike isn't a good enough villain. Lisa is the ultimate bitch, and just about everyone hates her at this point. They need to keep her on to "stir the pot," even at the expense of a good chef like Dale.