Saturday, May 17, 2008


A happy belated birthday to my sister Mallory, who turned 22 yesterday! Also, a con"grad"ulations to Mallory for graduating from college on May 11!

We have a picture of Mallory around somewhere, but thought we'd continue with tradition and post another picture of the cats in celebration instead.


Los said...

Good job, Mallory - hey, was she named after a Family Ties character?

Jess Sum said...

I believe Danny Boy can provide a picture of Mallory! Is is still hanging in the frathouse living room (not *literally* a frathouse for those not in the know)?


Steve Raw said...

Nobody knows what happened to that pisture, but I guess we could have put up a picture of 'Juanita!'

Anonymous said...

Who stole Mallory's picture and what are they doing with it?