Friday, July 25, 2008

Curried Plastic

Steve picked up dinner for me last night at an Unnamed Establishment* on Lancaster Ave in Haverford. I was at a work happy hour late and he already ate, so he ordered me a curry chicken sandwich. Yum.

However, halfway through the sandwich I bit into something hard. At first I thought it was one of those gizzardy rubbery things that are sometimes in take out chicken, and which completely gross me out and cause me to stop eating the meal for good. But I looked at the hard particle and realized it was a "U" shaped piece of plastic.

It was absolutely probably nothing at all, but we called to let Unnamed Establishment know that trash was intermingled with their curry chicken. And the manager at Unnamed Establishment asked if we'd like anything to replace the sandwich. Steve requested a dessert, and the manager asked if we wanted something from the kitchen, so I asked for a Thai salad, one of the only things that I remembered off their menu. When we got to Unnamed Establishment, another curry chicken sandwich was waiting for us along with our other orders! So Steve and I both have lunch for today, and we got about $26 worth of food for free! Steve really used to hate Unnamed Establishment, and only ordered from there last night because he knows I like it. But he commented that now he likes Unnamed Establishment. They have a pretty decent single-bottle take-out beer selection, too!

*Steve thinks that because we accepted ***'s "buy-off" we shouldn't include their name in the blog.

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Los said...

Hey, it could've been a finger, or something like that ... of course, you would've been owed far more than $26.