Monday, July 21, 2008

Stupid Me

Phone in pocket. Pants off. Des in shower. Pants in washer. Phone dead.


Instead of Zoolander phone, now stuck with huge chunk of four year old metal with crack from Tyson the dog.

Possible bright side: Steve's getting new iPhone; I inherit old iPhone. Unfortunately iPhone is too big for girl-pockets. Fortunately no chance of putting iPhone in washer.


UPDATE: The Zoolander phone has dried out mostly, and now sort of works. I knew that it was the best phone I ever had - it even recovers from the washer. It'll be better than the chunk o' metal for the next few days before the iPhone.


Los said...

Old I-Phone better than chunk of metal, right? You'll find a place for it.

plm said...

You're lucky. Mal's phone didn't survive the toilet...but that's another story.