Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Raindrops on roses

We only got one comment to our list of things that annoy us (see below). Either no one checks our blog anymore because we never write, or we offended some porn-loving bad-driving white-zinfindel-drinking parent. Sorry. To make up for it, here are a few things we do like:

1. Fresh cherry tomatoes from our garden.
2. Kittens
3. Good boxed wine
4. Spicy dry red wine
5. Karaoke
6. Batman and Indiana Jones
7. Fruit and ice shakes from one of the many lunch carts in the city
8. Slovak princesses
9. Ardmore
10. Sitting on the porch during thunderstorms
11. Steve shopping
12. The Hooters and Manfred Mann's Earth Band
13. Full scholarships for the next two years


M@2 said...

I can get behind 2,6,9,12,13. The others eh, not so much.

Los said...

I have just about all of the Hooters albums, with the exception of the one that came out about 5-6 months ago.

And, I have a karaoke machine in my basement - we used to use it all the time ... not so much anymore.

Jessica Mac said...

Did one of you get #13 for real? If yes...SQUEEEE! YAY!

I didn't comment on the things you don't like because I generally don't like children at all, so that would just get me riled up and no one wants to see that!

mom said...

How about reading a really good book? My most recent fav, A Brief History of the Dead, thanks to Des and Steve

Jess Sum said...

#2. My house is getting a new kitten tonight, as D'Artagnan will soon be departing.

#11. As in shopping for a new Steve?

Jess Sum said...

The Good bye Philly Edition:

1.) BYOs

2.) Cheap Gallery shopping

3.) The Italian Market

4.) Reading Terminal

5.) Useful public transportation

6.) Superb people watching

7.) Ralph's

8.) Proximity to NYC, DC, and Baltimore

9.) Des

10.) Steve