Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dark knight Cometh

Tomorrow is the big night! Technically, tonight in 40 minutes, but even I am not a big enough dork for that. Unfortunately, I didn't act quickly enough to get IMAX tickets, so its the regular screen for us. Why I didn't think of speculating on Dark Knight IMAX premiere tickets is beyond me. They're going for upwards of $150 on eBay.

A story: This weekend I was in Philly for an errand and as I walked through LOVE park, I saw some old guy with a beard and sunglasses with a chessboard laid out in front of him. I kind of fixated on the chess board as I passed until he yelled:

"You playing? Or just looking?"

I looked at my watch and said "Let's do this."

He said "What's the bet?"

I said "Five bucks," and it was on.

It took about seven minutes for my new friend, Buddakahn, to checkmate me with his queen and knight. A youngster asked him how long he'd been playing chess, and his response was "I been playing this game, longer than you been drawing breath."

He didn't have to work hard for it, but he earned it. I've blown five bucks on worse things. I'll win it back after a little practice.


Jessica Mac said...

Great story!

Yeah, we missed out on buying IMAX too, but we'll try to see it on the regular screen while we're in NYC this weekend.

I'm a dork for Heath, so I'll probably cry a little. Or at least pour one out for him.

Los said...

I bet you would've won if it was checkers or parchesi.

M@2 said...

Chess Is Raw! No question.